Price Matching:

To price match, please visit our cash desk with a smartphone displaying one of the approved website URLs (see below for more information), as well as the book’s title, price, ISBN, and in-stock availability. Paper printouts with this information and the current date will also be accepted (screenshots will not be allowed).

Price matching will only be allowed on in-store purchases of new textbooks (used books, ebooks, online orders, clothing, stationery items, and study guides are excluded from the promotion). There will be no rain checks on out-of-stock items.

Matching will be based on live current Canadian $ pricing on (third party vendors, such as Marketplace are not included) and only. Member pricing for these sites does not apply. Items must be in-stock in a quantity greater than 5 at these websites at the time of the price match query, and must include any shipping charges.

Purchases will be credited back on the original form of payment with the exception of cash, which will be credited to a gift card. If the original form of payment is unavailable, purchases will be credited to a gift card.

Customers must provide their original till receipt and have valid student I.D.

The online ISBN (10 or 13-digit barcode number) must match the ISBN listed for the course in the bookstore’s POS system. If the item is a package containing several items, the ISBN of the package must match.

Price matches must be made with 14 days of purchase.

Lakehead University Bookstore reserves the right to deny any request for a price match on textbooks priced lower than our cost from the publisher.