Lakehead University Bookstore is a self-supporting, non-profit organization, fully
owned and operated by Lakehead University. In addition to our annual financial
contribution to the University we support as many student, staff, and faculty
activities as we can through donations. Due to the large volume of donation requests we receive, a donation procedure has been established in order to distribute funds in an equitable and cost-effective fashion. Before making your request please read the Donation Procedure Guidelines below.

The Bookstore only donates to on-campus organizations, such as student, staff and
faculty organizations that are involved in not-for-profit activities that reflect the
values and vision of Lakehead University. Applications from individuals or group
organizations not related to Lakehead University, or that do not meet the above
criteria will not be considered.

The Bookstore requires at least two weeks advance notification in which to consider
donation requests. Previous donations to the charity, club or department for which
you are raising funds or hosting an event will be part of the consideration process.
All requests must be submitted in writing, and can be either dropped off in person at
the front desk, or e-mailed to

Please give as much information about your organization and event as you can.
Support will be given in the form of gift cards only. Swag will not be supplied.
Refunds and exchanges of items purchased with donated gift cards, and used for
prizes or giveaways will not be given.

The Bookstore reserves the right to list donations on their website.